Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Tuesday: Table Decor

First comes the ring, followed by the venue, then the bridal party, and then the dress. Something is definitely missing... 
Table decor is often the last thing on the to-do list for a bride, yet it is the one of the aspects that are most important. Where everyone sits down to dine and reminisce and congratulate the newly weds, the ambiance and  mood is set by the decorations. The centerpiece is a statement that your guests will notice as soon as they walk into the reception. So you can guarantee it is (next to the bride’s dress) the most-attention grabbing element. 

Here is a How-To on what to consider for your table decorations:

  •       Personality & style (What are you trying to project? What is your theme?)
  •       Cohesiveness (Colors and themes should match with the bride, bridesmaids and all floral arrangements.)
  •       Added thematic details  (Place cards, ambiance lighting, table runners all add to the drama.)
  •       Centerpieces (You are not limited to flowers!i If your theme is fresh and rural, an organic fruit basket can be a stellar centerpiece.)
  •       Utensils! (What are your metal accents – rustic silver, bronze, gold?)
  •       Napkins (Another opportunity to bring out your color palette!)
  •       Glasses & plates (Dare to try new shapes and sizes.)