Thursday, May 21, 2015

Celebrating Love in Montreal

Love is celebrated in so many fascinating ways around the world. These romantic displays can be a beautiful way to solidify the love between partners, and ensure that their union lasts a lifetime. Whether you’re planning on travelling the world with your love, or staying in the city, these are ways to commemorate your happiness and love for one another.
On Ponte Milvio, in Italy, couples have displayed their oath of love to one another by fastening padlocks to the bridge. Their names, as well as short love notes and vows, are written onto the lock. It is a symbol of their love being unbreakable. The key to the padlock is then thrown into the river below, signifying that the bond will never be undone. Imagine all the lover’s locks that could line the Lachine Canal!
In Wales, an elaborately carved wooden spoon is presented to the love interest, as a way to tell their potential lover that they will always provide and care for them, (as well all know, the best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach!). If the love interest accepts, they wear the spoon around their neck. As Montreal is a city of coffee lovers (or caffeine addicts, simply put), custom sugar spoons could be a thoughtful party favour for the engagement party, a small wedding, or as a gift to the newlyweds.
For those who were hopelessly in love, eloping was the sweetest crime—especially in England, where it became illegal in 1754 for persons under 21 to get married. That did not deter the young, passionate English lovers: they took a short day trip to Gretna Green, Scotland, and married there in secret. This is still a popular place for couples to visit, old and young, some even going to renew their vows there.  We are a city of churches, of green alleys, and historic architecture, making our city a very romantic place to love and marry. A way to spend a weekend would be to make short hops to our scenic spots and make it memorable with a few kisses and other cute ways of showing your love.


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