Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Little Lovely Wedding

Weddings have a rep for being huge, lavish bashes. It is not uncommon for the couple to invite 300 people, some of which are distant relatives, and meet them for the first time at the reception. And because there are so many guests, the party becomes an extremely opulent, but beautiful, celebration.
But for some couples, this is not the route they want to go. Close friends and family are all they need at their wedding. They want their wedding to be intimate, simpler, and have lots of time to mingle with all their guests.
Smaller weddings are also time-efficient: couples that don’t have the time to plan a wedding a year in advance, or prefer to go away to a resort will opt for something quaint.
What we love most are the endless possibilities: from the dress to the rest, every aspect of a small wedding can be personalized to create a most lovely affair for two!

Location: This is the most obvious benefit of having a small wedding. The location can quite literally be ANYWHERE! Your own backyard can be transformed into a romantic scene; a park can be a family-friendly venue too, and for the summer, a wedding/BBQ is just an absolute blast. For something a little more upscale, a restaurant that the couple enjoys can be reserved, just be sure that the restaurant offers a set menu for groups! Tapas restaurants, Sushi restaurants, and Italian trattorias are excellent choices, and can offer a nice variety for fixed menus.

Invitations: Probably the most stressful part of a big wedding—getting those RSVPs! Along with ordering the stationary, searching for addresses and buying the postage necessary, invitations can be a hassle. With a guest list of fewer than 100 guests, you are sure to experience much less anxiety, and the costs will exponentially decrease. You can call each invitee individually, email, text, or make your own invitations with some creativity. Buying invitation stationary, with envelopes and place cards, and customizing them, can save a lot of time too.

Photography: Arguably the most important item on your Wedding To Do list, finding a photographer that will understand your wedding day vision and be able to translate it into photos that will make you smile for your whole life. When planning a small wedding, your photographer should be in the know: who’s coming, how the venue will be set up at the ceremony and the reception, and what you want from them. The best part is that, because of the size of the party, the photographer will be able to get the shots you want without chasing down the couple to pose, or even the guests. The couple and photog. will also have more time to do creative set-ups without feeling the rush of a typical wedding day lollapalooza!

Dress: Of course we’ll talk about the dress! It can be anything you want: any color, any length, any –anything- but more so than ever, you, as the bride, can truly wear whatever you want. You are surrounded by the people who love you most, and know you best. If you always wanted a laid-back ceremony of love without the crinoline, then you can go for it without any worries. An A-Line skirt with Converse shoes, or a sheath gown and barefoot, you know that you’ll look stunning in anything.

jamie gipson