Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Redress the Dress! How to Keep Wearing Your Bridesmaid Dress

What can you do with your bridesmaid dress, after the wedding? Some prefer to keep it as a souvenir, or have it boxed, saving it for their daughter, niece, or cousin. Others hide the dress in the back of the closet, never to be worn again; some donate or sell (to never see the dress again...). There are definitely more ideas than hiding or giving away the dress, where it can be put to good use and still be worn for many more occasions. It just takes a little creativity (and professional tailoring services!)

Cutting the dress: Of course, hemming the dress removing straps, cross-overs, or backs is the easiest way to alter the dress and make it something less formal and summer-affair casual. Easy snip and tucks can be done at home, but a tailor will do a hem for you for under 15$, any way you want it. And more!

Adding some bijoux: Stylize and glitz it up to your heart's content. This could be a really fun activity to do with some friends and wine, as a post-wedding party. Studding, bejewelling, even water-colour painting on it could completely change the way you look and wear the dress.

Dyeing the dress a different colour: Maybe blush pink just isn't your thing, but the dress fits you like a glove. Silk chiffon is a dyeable fabric, and can be done by a professional, but for polyester chiffon, some say it's not possible. Fear not though: it has been done before. I found this easy to follow step-by-step article with pictures on how to dye your dress at home

Reuse the fabric: You had a lovely time at the wedding, being one of the girls, but you can't see yourself wearing that dress at all again. The fabric can be used for plenty of other things, such as table clothes, curtains, lampshades, upholstering, hair and jewelry accessories, and pillow shams-- you can even make pillows out of it! 

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