Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Tuesday: How to Make a Checklist

A Preparation for an Impeccable Day 
Your wedding day could be whatever you can possibly dream of it being. Nowadays, the amount of creativity and inspiration in the wedding industry is endless, and brides should take advantage of all the resources. All it takes is a little bit of organization, direction, as well as imagination and vision. 
 To begin, it’s essential to have a wedding binder. For an added flare, your binder could be in the same color of theme as your wedding-- that way you can be reminded of it and keep yourself on track. Use the binder as a scrapbook of ideas for anything you like: the dress, the colors you like, the accessories and shoes; hairstyles, make-up, etc and etc! 
It is also imperative to work on a budget. A bride deserves a helping hand in order for her to look glamorous in her Emanuele Savorani dress and for the bridal party to look stellar in their Monique L'huillier dresses. Always inquire about the prices, method of payment and procedures.
 Writing up your guest list could be a long process. When you have finalized how many individuals will be at the wedding, it’s time to plan and seek out a venue for your magical wedding. With your venue (or venues),  you will be able to confirm a date and time. It is an absolute must to plan ahead- at least a year in advance. This way you are guaranteed your place and have ample time to choose your menu, decor and focus on what matters most to you for that day.
Your staff for that day will include an officiant, photographers and videographers, a band, a make up artist, a hairstylist, florists and caterers, to name a few. Like the venue, staff should be booked one year in advance. Do research before arriving at meetings and consultations with the individual. Go into the meeting with a plan and a budget, as well as questions for what service they can provide, especially if you have special requirements (such as food allergies). 
The steps for the perfect wedding should be separated in categories in the wedding book. This process will also help plan for invitations, choosing a delicious cake, music, hair, makeup and all the magnificent elements needed for an impeccable day.