Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trendwatch Thursdays: Stand-Out Bridal Gowns

The biggest decision for the bride is the wedding dress-- goes without saying! For centuries, white wedding dresses symbolized the bride, her purity and innocence, but in 2014, white is just one of the many colors a bride can choose from! With current trends ranging from the most traditional and vintage styles, to black gowns with feathers and stones, the choices are daring and exciting. 
What kind of dress suits you? And what style reflects you? Opting for something extreme might be much for some, but adding an original feature to the dress could add that haute-couture appeal, and infuse the dress with the bride's unique tastes. 
 Emanuele Savorani has experimented with silhouettes and beading on many of his creations, from blue tulle over-skirts to making a lovely blush pink dress for one lucky bride! His beading is as delicate as it is extravagant, and could be done in different types of beads and crystals, such as gold, silver, pearl, white crystal and clear crystal. Having over 30 years experience in bridal fashion (practically in his blood, too! His family has been in the wedding industry in Italy for generations), Emanuele will surely stun you!