Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trendwatch Thursdays: Hair and Make Up Beauty

The natural and fantasy look come together for this year’s wedding season. The overdone and overworked hair and makeup are out! A bride should revisit her favorite fairytales for inspiration. Her own dream-come-true-style is sure to be found in those little girl fantasies. The question is: how do you bring the fantasy to life?
To become the gorgeous princess you've only dreamed of being, the first thing to do is to be true to yourself. Other's opinions are always great but if the decision doesn't come from you, you won't feel your best. Let your hair and makeup enhance you, not mask all the beauty that you naturally possess. 
The best enhancing beauty trends are the “glowing look”. You will already be glowing from the inside but to achieve this for your makeup look you can use a dewy foundation or mix a liquid highlighter in with whatever foundation you might have. Be sure that the highlighter is a shimmery base and not a glittery base. 
As for hair, the styles range from classic up-do's to loose and flowing, long and curled. For brides with long hair, let that volume add to the elegance of your dress. If you have an open or detailed back, the hair can be brought to the side with flouncy curls. Up-do's can be extravagant with lots of jeweled accessories, or be a simple pony tail. Add volume with extensions and teasing!
  And finally, enjoy! The best beauty tip is to enjoy the moment – it will definitely shine through!