Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How-to Tuesday: Party Favors

The wedding day is not only a memorable day for the bride but for the guests as well. They’ll remember how beautiful the venue was, the exquisite food, how they danced to their favorite tunes and most of all, how outstanding the GDS bride was in her couture gown.
At the end of the night, your guests will leave full of memories of love and joy- and with a bonbonniere that your guests will cherish. The gift should be something that reflects the couple, and is pretty and practical.  Items for the home, like a wine or champagne glass are always well appreciated.  Imported chocolate is a tasteful (and tasty!) choice, too. Your gift will represent your wedding theme, inside and out. On this note, packaging matters too. Wrapping and décor on the gift should be part of the beauty; a flower garden theme wedding will include nature colors such as green with a few roses on the side. The wrapping should be consistent with the wedding theme, color theme and season.
And remember…the most memorable gifts are those that say something about the love of the bride and groom, and their thanks to you for sharing their special day.