Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trendwatch Thursday: Pastel Colors

Pastel palette colours are this year’s go-to bridal trend. They are romantic, elegant and blend in beautifully with any wedding theme the couple has chosen. It is also gives a perfect girly feel for the bride’s party.
For spring or summer weddings, or a floral themed party, pastel colors will evoke a sense of delicacy and freshness. Pastel colors are easy to mix and match with, so allow yourself to bring in as many shades as you wish!
For bridesmaids’ dresses, the ideas are endless. Be creative! Allow the bridesmaids to choose their favorite pastel color and showcase their unique personalities. The make-up, hair accessories and jewelry can add to the simplicity of the pastel shade, or act as an accent color. The bridesmaid atelier at Galleria Della Sposa can satisfy all your pastel color needs. With designers like Jim Hjelm and Monique Lhullier providing a variety of dress styles and colors, the bride’s party will be as glowing and blushing as the bride.