Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trendwatch Thursday: Springtime Garden Parties

This year, spring weddings will be spritely and fresh, with inspirations of the new blooms and bright palettes of the season.
The beauty of spring garden parties is in their simplicity and minimalist appeal, the emphasis on white d├ęcor, with lively colors for accent pieces and bouquets, and the intimate ambiance. Spring parties are ideal for smaller ceremonies with an outdoor venue, but are definitely for the couple who enjoys the closeness of family and friends, and thrives in their romantic bubble!

Table decorations and center pieces will be the standout element: a vase of spring flowers, such as lilacs, tulips and daisies will add warmth and vibrancy. Candles and modern lanterns will give a natural lighting effect, either hanging overhead on string, or sitting in crafty, original holders, to use on tables. Parties can be held near waterfronts (a place for a quiet moment with your love), or in your own backyard!