Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trendwatch Thursday: Be Bold

Our brides at Galleria Della Sposa have class and very good fashion sense. They know how to glam and impress, their dress compliments their personality and wedding dreams. And our bride is bold: she is a bridal muse.
From the dress to the aisle, the ways to be bold are innumerable: shoes and accessories, d├ęcor and bouquets—and make up! Greet your guests with a bright lip and a sexy cat eye. Here’s a quick breakdown of the trend:
 Make sure the brows are defined and the skin clean and shimmery.  The eyeliner should be applied thickly to make the eyes stand out, and balance this with a light contrast: eye shadow in white, translucent shimmer or beige would really perfect the look.
Mascara is a question of taste. For a striking look, the mascara should be applied lightly and structured in diamond shape. For fluttery lashes, apply at the edges and absolutely use an eyelash curler for optimal length.

 Lastly, the key element is the lip. The shades of red are endless and can be glossy or matte. Make sure to use a lip liner to shape the lip and even plump them. Reds vary by skin tone and lip shape, so choose accordingly! Finally, a gloss can really add that extra oomph, and brighten your smile.