Monday, November 3, 2014

Tea Length Dresses

Long wedding gowns will always be the classic, beautiful bride look, but a new trend for that is just as charming, is the tea cut. For the bride that desires versatility, modernity and that touch of delicacy and charm, the tea cut is a step in the right direction.
Tea cuts are dresses that are raised over the foot, up to mid-way through the calf. It is ultra-feminine: it flatters the leg and adds height, and can be cut to the length that suits you best. It also allows the bride more freedom of movement (yes—less tripping!).
Aside from the practicality, the style itself has a range of possibilities. This look is a sure “yes” for spring weddings and outdoor affairs. It suits A-line and fit-flare silhouettes the most. Princess dresses with a tea cut are super endearing, especially with full tulle bottoms. Tea cut dresses with lovely worked hems are coming in, with embroidered lace, or horse-hem, allowing the dress to stand out without adding extra fabric or weight.  
Always wanted that dramatic long train? You won’t lose it with a tea-cut. An asymmetrical tea cut dress allows the train of the dress to remain. It can be as long and decorated as you want. Back details are endless and ethereal; a decorated train with beading, buttons, bows and beyond is sure to blow everyone away!
 And imagine the shoe possibilities! Depending on your comfort and fashion sense, a coloured peep-toe or a girly Maryjane style would be splendid. Although, avoid shoes that lace up at the ankle, or have straps going up the leg, as this can give the illusion of a thicker ankle and shorten the leg. This would work is you decide to cut higher on the leg. An open shoe or a bootie that cuts below the ankle works best.