Friday, November 21, 2014

All that Glitters, Shimmers, and Shines!

Accessorizing your dress can be as difficult as choosing the dress. Do you go with a veil and crown, or a simple birdcage and headpiece? A necklace, or elaborate chandelier earrings? Maybe you’re not into big earrings: something subtle, like pearl studs and a bracelet, will suffice.
So how do you choose what to bling your dress with?
Decide on the theme of the wedding: if it’s a modern flare wedding (think glass tables, crystal accents with colour splashes), then your look could go more into haute gamme: a large crystal headpiece or crown will be a perfect match. A more rustic or vintage-themed wedding with floral décor can be more subdued: a small side-comb with mixed elements, or a thin headband will be such a delightfully delicate look.
With larger headpieces, forgo chandelier earrings and look for something a little simpler. It doesn’t mean that your earrings will have less pizzazz: choose earrings with a colored stone (a la Angelina Jolie!) or with pearls and different metals. They will stand out right at the cheeks and bring attention to your face.
If you go with larger earrings, a necklace will probably not be necessary. As well, necklaces best suit strapless cuts, or open backs, where you can wear a drop crystal or pearl down the spine. Big collar necklaces are beautiful on strapless satin or silk gowns that don’t have too many embellishments (such as lace appliques or embroidery). It’s a statement, classic piece that is front and center in both elegant vintage and modern bride looks.
Belts are also a very viable option and there are so, so many different kinds to choose from. From satin bows, to full crystal; gold, silver or any metal tone; flowers and couture center pieces: it’s up to you! Once you’ve chosen the dress silhouette that compliments your body, see if a belt is advantageous to you.
To balance out your accessories, choose a bracelet that recalls elements of your dress and of the other accessories you have chosen. They don’t need to be matching sets! Freshwater pearls beautifully evoke ivory lace, and are also a very stylish contrast to crystal tones. A new European trend is bicep bracelets—super vogue for sleeveless numbers and beach weddings!