Friday, November 28, 2014

Embroidered Lace in Pearl, Silver and Gold

Beading and lace go hand in hand, yet sometimes we don’t know how to incorporate the two. The beading could feel too heavy for the delicate lace, and sometimes the lace feels out of place on a dress where the beading is the statement.
So opt for with a dress with embroidered lace: the beading and the lace are sewn together in a pattern that suits the dress, and is part of the design. This gives the dress the sparkles and the elegant bridal look you’re going for, without sacrificing anything!
Some designers will sew on tonal beading. A high quality lace will be ivory, so beading in pearl tones will let the lace stand out, yet still make the dress shine. The pearls can line the border of the lace applique, or could be placed in the center of more flowery styles.
Sewing into the lace with silver or gold will add an extra dimension to the dress, especially if it fluidly follows the lace patterns. This could be done with a designer and they will guide you to how much embroidery can be done. A hem of gold, or sparse silver are both lovely. The lace will be more noticeable and the shimmer of the metallic lining will be just enough to add a glow to the dress.