Monday, December 22, 2014

The Bridal Touch

What better way to complete the bridal look and make your grand entrance, while walking down the aisle, with a veil.
We envision ourselves when we are young, with our mermaid-flare dress and long veil sweeping behind us; or in a crystal princesses dress with a short, bouncy veil; or being totally chic with a birdcage and a tea-length dress (probably in a blush pink!)
Veils can come in all sorts of lengths that suit your tastes: long, short, fingertip, or even double-layered. The edges can be in crystal, satin, lace, or horse-hair. These details are exceptional with a lace dress, or even an organza or satin dress that needs some embellishment. For very ornate dresses, with bead work and embroidered lace, a veil with scattered crystal and pearls will give the look just the right amount of whimsy.
Some brides may opt for a birdcage, a small net that stays in front of the face and it turned over during a ceremony. These come in different shapes, net thickness and can be decorated in pearls, crystals and flowers. Adding a comb with mixed elements (such as pearl, feather, lace and flowers) makes the birdcage more vintage. Another idea is a thick bandeau, for a more flapper and 1920s inspired wedding.
You may want to wear the veil for the entire day, or just for the ceremony: take into consideration the weight of the veil, and the length. This accessory is an extremely personal choice, so take the time to try on the different lengths and designs while wearing your dress.