Saturday, January 31, 2015

Love in Fine Fashion

We know that at Galleria Della Sposa, wedding dresses are a form of art, an expression of love, and a reflection of the blushing bride. Woven into the lining and lace, the poetry of love, marriage, and fashion.
 Love in Fine Fashion is a must-see exhibit for all brides to be (or brides who are nostalgic and want to relive their wedding day!). Thirty thoughtfully crafted dresses created throughout the 19th century to today are on display, along with veils and shoes worn by the brides. Discover the styles of bygone era wedding dresses, and the artisans’ attention to hand-sewn beading, lace and delicate textiles, and haute couture structuring. Some dresses were made by the brides themselves, while others were made by contemporary designers such as Helmer and Marie Saint-Pierre. Shades of rich silk, plum and blue were the tendance of the turn of the century, white only coming into its own in the early 1900s. The silhouettes are so perfectly constructed, the brocade and lace designed and placed by hand; it’s stunning!
This beautiful collection of wedding dresses at the McCord Museum is on until April 12 2015.