Saturday, February 14, 2015

We Heart Sweethearts!

A dress with a sweetheart bust is sexy and flattering on every woman, no doubt about it! It suits all silhouettes and dress styles, even on dresses with low, open backs, and back details. It pushes the bust up and rounds them in a way that makes the waist look lithe and long. A straight bust tends to broaden the shoulders, whereas a sweetheart will create all the right proportions for the shoulders and chest. A deep V-cut or a boat/swoop neck can flatten the bust, removing any definition from the top.
A sweetheart can be easily personalized and glamourized! Crystal, lace, tulle, satin, pearls, or flowers (the list goes on—be creative!) can all be added the bust as a trim, or as a d├ęcor for the top of the dress. What’s more, a sweetheart can easily be altered to add in a bra or be fitted for padding, in a way that compliments the body and dress.