Saturday, April 4, 2015

Picture Perfect: Creative Tips for Wedding Photos

There are so many beautiful locations and ideas for wedding pictures. Whether they places that are special to the couple, or a must-have photo-op, wedding photos are truly once in a lifetime keepsake mementos that could be shared for a lifetime. So it’s important to talk to your photographer and plan an itinerary for the day, and make the most of your photoshoot! Here are some tips that will make you clicker-happy:
Have a romantic walk down memory lane and discuss the places that mean the most to the two of you. Maybe it’s the place you first kissed, or where you first got engaged. Maybe it’s even a favorite café hangout! Think of all the places you cherish and see if the location is able to accommodate the happy newlyweds for a few snaps.
Ask your photographer about post-wedding photoshoots: This could a month or so after the wedding where a few beauty shots or portraits could be done with or without the groom. If you didn’t get that hand close-up you wanted, or a scenic portrait of the two of you in front of the church, schedule a portrait day where you have more time to plan out a full day of photo fun.
On that note, when searching for a photographer, always see what they specialize in and if it suits you and your partner’s vision. This is especially important because every photographer has a signature look: if you choose a photographer that specializes in boudoir photography but you want more location shoots, then you must consider there may be limitations!
Think outside the box: garden shoots, historic sites and church shoots are definitely must-haves, but what about in the centre of the city, or even in the middle of the street? No, not that crazy! (And actually, totally beautiful!) You can even DIY your own locations! Backyards are the perfect private space to set up a fun for-two picnic, with streamers and even a wedding piñata!