Saturday, March 28, 2015

Time for Bridal Bashes!

Although spring is taking its sweet time coming, bridal season is in full swing. The final touches are being put and she’s ready to get married! Her closest ladies are also planning parties for her (shh! Don’t tell her!), and all sorts of lovely surprises in between.
Bachelorettes began as a spinoff of the bachelor party during the 1960s, but we can see hen parties, as they’re called in the UK, as far back at 1897, where brides to be would have a tea time with their closest female friends. All sorts of shenanigans happen at these parties, so get ready for adventure!
Bridal showers have a more ambiguous beginning. There’s a legend that says in 16th century Holland, a rich girl fell in love and wanted to marry a poor miller man, but her father refused. Because he refused, he denied her her wedding dowry. The village heard of this and got together to gift her with all the necessities for married life and her new home. Another story says that bridal parties emerged during the Victorian era, when a woman didn’t have enough money to buy her friend a fancier gift, so she asked all the bride’s friends if they would like to give their gifts at the same time! Bridal showers are known for their silly games, which are meant to symbolize life as a newlywed and into wife-life!
What to wear to these girl bashes, you ask? We love the Jim Hjelm short dresses collection for this Spring/Summer; they're light, fresh and so easy to accessorize, with splashes of bold colours on statement necklaces and earrings. Galleria Della Sposa can order any Jim Hjelm dress you love!
Whatever your bride is into, make sure to have lots and lots of sweets! Cake tables, candy bars, cupcakes and more, the more desserts the better! We love beautifully decorated and themed sweet tables, such as the ones from Les Petits Plaisirs Chocolata, who we had at our Bridesmaid Atelier Launch last year!
photo by Bessie and Coco Photography
sweet table: Petits Plaisirs Chocolata
Jim Hjelm SS 2015

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