Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pretty Little Rings!

Yesterday was National Proposal Day, and the lucky brides-to-be got the ring of their girlhood dreams from the loves of their lives. Diamonds, white gold, and cushion settings are the classic idea of romance and eternity, and suit every woman. But! What if you’re the kind of lady who likes to wear something more flashy, rare, colorful, and totally unique? Here are a few engagement ring inspirations (if you're already married, let your hubby know you want a new ring for every anniversary!)
Rose gold:
The newest trend in gold accessories, rose gold is actually real gold with a hint of bronze mixed into the metal. The colour suits any kind of gemstone, such as diamond and emerald. Mix pink tones and choose morganite or lavender sapphire.

Halo rings:
For ultimate luxury, halos around the gemstone are made with real diamonds and can be looped, with two or three rings around in different sizes. These can also be added on later, called crowns. A jewelry designer will be able to make crowns and halos that suit your ring.
Colorful Gemstones:
Emerald and sapphires are making a huge statement comeback and appearing on engagement and bridal accessories over the last three years. Sapphires don’t only come in blue: try pink, yellow, purple or green sapphire.
Or, choose a gemstone for a specific month: it could be for a birthday, the month you got engaged, or first said, ‘I Love You’… then symbolism lasts a lifetime!