Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Bridal Kit

To look and feel absolutely flawless on your wedding day, you need a few must-have items that your maid of honour or mother will keep with them. A small make-up bag will suffice, and is easy to prepare ahead of time.
Of course, Kleenex, antibacterial gel, hand cream and gum will be the first items in your kit! But it goes without saying that you will have a chap stick, a lip-gloss or a lipstick, as well as a face powder.  Do touch ups before your wedding photoshoot and before the reception. Make sure that, at your make-up trial, your make-up artist shows you what colour and brand she is using on you, so you can purchase the same for your kit. Also—a face powder with matting effect or oil control will keep your complexion even and smooth.
For freshness all day, a deodorant and a roll-on perfume are a non-negotiable! Sephora has a ton of amazing roll-on and spray perfumes in portable sizes that you can keep in your purse even after your wedding. As for deodorant, go with what you trust the most and apply as needed.
Baby powder and a stain-remover stick are also important and can cover up any little mishaps. Baby powder will absorb any wet mess and blend in with your dress, then you can clean up the rest with your stain remover. (Baby powder is also a good solution for freshness in the bust area and for your feet!)
Your hairstyle will slowly let go as the day progresses, but maintain it with travel-size hair spray, bobby pins, clips and an elastic that you have stashed in your kit. Just remember not to mess with your hair too much, as playing with it will undo the volume and create frizz.
Lastly, the dress, the dress, the dress! Your maid of honour should have safety pins, white string and a sewing needle for any last-minute alterations, especially on the bustle and on the bust. Safety pins could be attached to your bra (if you are wearing one) to avoid slippage, and to the bustle to reinforce it. If your dress has lace, ask your dress designer or boutique for a small swatch to cover the safety pin.
And we always recommend a comfortable pair of shoes: foldable slip-ons or flats, or a wedge with a cushion insole will do wonders for you!
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