Saturday, May 9, 2015

We Love Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to the women in our lives who have been by our sides from the very beginning, who have sacrificed for us and love us to no end! When a mother’s little girl (or little boy!) gets married, they are just as excited as their child and would do anything to ensure the wedding is fabulous and perfect. Above all, they want their child’s married life to be filled with happiness and bliss. It is a proud moment, and mothers want nothing more than to be part of the celebration.
What can your mother do for your wedding day?
Let her take care of the small details: last minute décor, the corsages and boutonnieres, mailing your invitations and setting up the place cards at the reception—these are but a few items on a long list of tasks that you, as the bride or as a couple, could let mom look after and give you time to move onto other things.
Let her be there when you choose your dress, and be there when she chooses hers: the dress selection process is the ultimate girl outing for mother and daughter (and sister, and aunt, and cousin, and grandmother, and BFFs!) This is the only time in both your lives that you will experience such an event, and is a time to bond with your mother. There may be little disagreements, but remember, she just wants to see you looking and feeling beautiful! When it’s time to choose her dress, tell her what you want, as this will help her find the perfect dress. Or, let her choose something that she feels her best in. She wants her daughter’s input, for sure! Always be honest (and flatter her too!)
Let her walk you down the aisle, too: this is a growing trend in modern weddings. Both dad and mom walking the bride down the aisle is a way to honour both parents equally, and have them hand you to your groom. Let your parents enter the church (or wherever your ceremony is being held) halfway, and then, join them. If you are not having a formal ceremony, and just a reception, let mom give a speech (because we all know she wants to!) as the reception begins.
Finally, let her give you some advice: she has gone through this, or maybe she has seen her fair share of weddings and knows, in her feminine wisdom, what makes a beautiful, lasting relationship. Make time for her to hear her stories and anecdotes, and give you some ideas on how to foster a wonderful marriage. These are precious moments that will bring you closer, and remember fondly as you enter this new phase of your life.

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